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    The name Dominica comes from the Latin word for Sunday, which was the day on which it was spotted by Christopher Columbus. Its pre-Columbian name was “Wai‘tu kubuli”, which means “Tall is her body”. Dominica’s indigenous people – properly known as the Kalinago, were the original inhabitants of the island and have a 3,700 acre Territory on Dominica’s east coast, stretching from Bataca in the north to Sineku in the south (see our Google map). The indigenous people of the island, the Caribs, have the Carib Territory, a territory similar to the Indian reserves of North America. It is also known as The Kalinago Territoy and it is located on Dominica’s east coast. The Kalinago are the indigenous people of Dominica, formerly known as the Caribs.

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    noun:  Dominican(s)
    adjective:  Dominican
  • Population

    73,126 (July 2012 est.)

  • Ethnic Groups

    black 86.8%, mixed 8.9%, Carib Amerindian 2.9%, white 0.8%, other 0.7% (2001 census)