The official language is French-FRA. All business and most common dialogue is conducted using the mainstream French. The native tribes in the interior, however, use their own language, and the African tribes use Taki-Taki, a pidgin English-ENG.

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    Guiana was originally inhabited by indigenous people. The Arawak Indians are the people first known to inhabit French Guiana OR Guyane. The next major waves of people were the Caribs. In the sparsely populated interior the Oyampi and Palik tribes still follow a traditional pre-columbian way of life. There are also a few tribes descended from African slaves who escaped from plantations to live a lifestyle similar to their native central Africa.

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  • Nationality

    noun:  French Guianese (singular and plural)
    adjective:  French Guianese
  • Population

    236,250 (July 2011 est.)

  • Ethnic Groups

    black or mulatto 66%, white 12%, East Indian, Chinese, Amerindian 12%, other 10%