The official languages are Dutch-NLD and English-ENG A local English-based creole dialect is also spoken.

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    Ancient relics date the island’s first settlers, probably Ciboney Indians (a subgroup of Arawaks), back to 3,500 years ago. Then another group of Arawaks migrated from South America’s Orinoco basin around 800 A.D. Because of St. Martin’s salt-pans they called it “Soualiga,” or “Land of Salt.” Their lives were turned upside-down, however, with the descent of the Carib Indians from the same region they had come from. A warrior nation, the Caribs killed the Arawak men and enslaved the women.

  • Flag

    St Maarten

  • Coat Of Arms

    St Maarten

  • Nationality

    noun:  St. Maartener(s)
    adjective:  St. Maartener
  • Population

    37,429 (2010 estimate)

  • Ethnic Groups

    black, Carib Amerindian, white, East Asian